Business /Management consulting - Projects.


As Certified Management consultants, we diagnose business issues and render 

solutions whether in decrease in sales, cash-flow issue wastage or internal management problems and other crucial issues within 

a company that need to be fixed. 


We also assess core activities and Business efficiency of business, review 

your financial position and conduct a competitive analyses of your

competitors in the industry


We look at technological and business 

trends to be able to recommend changes to

technology and business process  to take advantage of advances 

in both.


Why Hire SDIL as your Management Consultants?
If we invited on board as your Management consultants by your notable company ,we will primarily achieve these objectives at the end of the project:

To detect problems and preferring  solutions such  as  decrease in sales,        cash-flow issues, or Internal management problems and other issues within a company that need to be fixed.
Assess core activities and business efficiency of business
Review your financial position
Conducta competitive analyses of your competitors in the industry.
Conduct a customer and market analyses
Confirmed how aligned the subsystems of your business are to the company’s mission and objective.
Review the socio-economic variables affecting your business
Overview strategic review of business, conclusion and recommendation 




Has your business stopped growing and is gradually dying?

Have you ever wondered why your profit margin has not increased but 

instead  gradually decreasing ?. 


Of course you may say the unpredictable economy  has  negatively 

affected your business 


However despite the failing economy some businesses are still breaking 



Some businesses have remained profitable for the past 15- 20years and 

are still here despite the failing economy ,


Watch out for this red indicators why your business is not doing well 


Ø Lack of a written or updated business plan

Ø Unexplained low morale,

Ø Steady constant increase in cost,

Ø Regular cash shortages or waste,

Ø Loss of market position,

Ø Little or no structure in place for HR/ Admin,Acct and 

Marketing dept

Ø Overworked staff

Ø Mission &objectives does not seem realistic 

Ø Lack of adequate information about your competitors

Ø High turnover 


If you business undergoing at least 40 percent of this critical issues ,

 your business is probably at the state of “comatose” and needs help

 SDIL key areas of consulting

  1. Strategic management

  2. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

  3. Organizational Development

  4. Project Management


Business Coaching for Team building and Optimizing performance for higher profit margin

Every Business needs at least a Business coach or consultant equipped with the right wealth of information ,experience and skills  to succeed in rather harsh Business terrain .


Is  your Team/Department or Company really meeting your company expectation of improved Business performance and Increased profits?


It will interest you to know that some companies are still recording massive profit even in recession


You may need to answer this questions to take a bold step -


  1. Are you yet to identify what is holding your business back from being more profitable?

  2. Are there opportunities for you or the business to evaluate and to grow or earn profits?

  3. Are there business challenge that needs to be resolved?

  4. Are you looking at overall improved business performance?

  5. Are you desiring improvement needed or wanted in terms of people, structure,operations or strategy.

  6. Are you looking at staying ahead of your competitors and probably goingInternational?


“Following training, employee productivity increased by just over 22%, whereas training combined with coaching produced an increase in productivity of 88%.
Coaching in the workplace positively impacts the bottom line.”
Research by The International Personnel Management Association


Why hire SDIL as your Business coach -

  1. To challenge teams and individuals to extraordinary efforts and results

  2. To increase profit margins

  3. To attract and retain quality, high performing staff

  4. To work with team, departments to increase their productivity ,communication and positive result

  5. To work with an individuals and team to improve performance and leadership skills

  6. To work with the decision makers and business owners as a confidential sounding board

Strategic Planning/Management for growing your Business


Strategic planning for the new year ahead is a vital component to that growth moving forward but oftentimes your internal team is a little too close to the process to have valuable perspective that can make or break your business.


The right questions are never asked, the status-quo does not get challenged and group-think goes unchecked. Sensitive issues are carefully avoided, past failures get swept under the carpet, and organizational weaknesses do not get addressed.


SDIL consultants are experts that specialize in assisting companies to discover their most pressing questions


SDIL will work closely with the management and executive team to evaluate the current status of the business,obtaining and analyzing information and its marketplace to set workable goals ,strategies and develop strategies for business growth


We also have been privileged to train and recruit from the lowest cadre of Drivers to Managing Directors of companies in different sector and of course in different industries across a number of sectors


We will happy to help in the drafting of your business plans or Business modelling and of course Business strategy .

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